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Success in Saskatchewan

Success in


by Mike Isbister,
Project Manager

As a Calgary-based project manager who has recently relocated to Saskatoon, I can say from experience that the construction markets are very similar in both cities. Due to the recent economic downfall throughout Canada, new construction projects are quite restricted. One main difference I have noticed in Saskatchewan, however, is that there is not as much competition for drywall construction companies, which has proved to be very beneficial for Midwest Group.

As a professional drywall company, we stand out among the competition. General contractors throughout Saskatchewan recognize our reputation in Calgary and award us a large scope of work on some major projects, such as the Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford and the recently awarded Children’s Discovery Museum. Midwest is also one of the few ceiling and drywall companies in Saskatchewan that is able to take on a large scope of work, which plays towards our benefit as well.

A bonus for me is that the GC’s in Saskatchewan are not very different from those in Calgary in terms of how they run and award projects. After working with various GC’s over the years, I understand how they work, and I use this to my advantage when communicating with the Saskatchewan GC’s.

I think the biggest hurdles that Midwest is facing here in Saskatchewan has been to get the price dialed in, and to demonstrate to the local general contractors that we are reliable, honest, and permanently rooting ourselves in the province. There is so much potential for our company to have a successful future here as the cities, especially Saskatoon, continue to grow. I’m looking forward to seeing how Midwest develops in this province, and I anticipate nothing but good things!