About | Midwest Group
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About Midwest

With over 30 years in the construction industry, Midwest Group is proud to be the leading wall and ceiling specialist in the Calgary area. Our core values and principles revolve around education, quality, and relationships. We are COR certified, LEED compliant, and certified in the estimating and application of Hilti Firestop systems. We are proud to be expanding our radius to include the Saskatchewan market with several projects on the horizon.


Quality, Service and Completion: Top of the agenda every day.


We strive to be the best in our industry in quality, timeliness, safety and honesty. Maintaining the care of the environment in all that we do.


Midwest is a family-run company. Relationships, dynamics and ethics are all based on a foundation of vision and appreciation of teamwork. One of our key principles is to value each partnership with the same care as family.



Quality customer service is paramount for our company.


All aspects of our business radiate integrity and transparency.


We are consistent and diligent in all of our duties, and all departments of the business.


Positive mental attitude and commitment to teamwork hold our company together.